• Rhizaldy Manalo

By The Foot of The Mountains

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

There must be something to waking up every morning, getting up from bed, walking to your closed, large and dark, windows, only to open them and discover the wonder of a city seated right by the foot of the most beautiful mountain range in Central Asia.

Bishkek, is that city. Founded by the Sogdians, an ancient Iranian civilization who built their caravan rest stop for Silk Road merchants traveling from East Asia to the west through the Tian-Shan mountain range.

Tian-Shan runs north to south as far as Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to the West, and China to the East. It is also known to many by the moniker, the Mountains of Heaven.

What To Do In Bishkek

This will be an insane bucket list but I’ll try to make it as concise, and creative, as possible.

So you’ll want to start your day with a breakfast of a serving of beautiful paintings and murals, together with the occasional helping of sculptures, at the State Museum of Fine Arts, where you’ll find beautifully crafted embroidery and felt rugs that might just make you want to buy and lay down on one by a fireplace at home. Of course you won’t want to disregard the delectable paintings depicting more soviet style anachronisms than you can care to imagine.

When you’re done filling yourself with second helpings, you’ll want to then visit and take wonderful Instagram pictures of yourself and friends at the Ala-Too square, where you’ll find the magnificent statue of Mighty Manas, a character depicted in the longest narrative poem in the world, the Epic of Manas.

Right before lunch, roam around the joyful and exuberantly lively Osh Bazaar. Taste the scent of spices you might not have even heard of, and watch the colors of hundreds of thousands of different sweets and tiny tasties. Oh and let's not forget the opportunity to purchase a traditional Kyrgyzstan garb. Nothing says culturally chic than clothing yourself in their outfits.

Take a little detour from the cityscape and visit history through an era that’s mostly wanted to be forgotten. Visit the Abandoned Kuznechnaya fortress. Once a fortification built to withstand nomadic invaders, and also as a respite to weary travelers along the silk road. Nothing beats a journey through history than being in a place where literally millions of peoples has been through across the epochs of time.

There are plenty of museums to go to but this time why don’t we go through a more nature-oriented route.

Enter, the Ala Archa National Park. I’m telling you, this amazing scenery is straight out of a National Geographic special. This is reminiscent of the Nahuel Huapi National Park in Argentina and Oulanka National Park in Finland. The Pine trees and the water just work. Places like these have a power in themselves to help clear one’s mind.

This alpine national park boasts thousands of species of flora and hundreds of species of fauna. A wondrous geographical marvel that was built by mother nature through millions of years of erosion, and tectonic plates subduction that brought up this triumphant glory of natural architecture. Witness the brightly colored juniper trees, the ilbirs what locals call a rare species of snow leopard endemic to the region, some roe deer, and marmots a relatively large cousin of the squirrel.

The alpine trail will bring you up close and personal to some of the 20 land-based glaciers, walk through the Adygene gorge, pass the alpine meadows, springs, and waterfalls; and fall in love not just with the country but also with nature.

Allow us, CentrAsia Tours Travel Agency to walk with you through this mountain of glory, this beautiful near-alpine city of Bishkek in Central Asia.


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