• Neil Padilla

6 Travel Tips To Make Your Trips Hassle-Free

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

We’ve all been there: you just reached your dream travel destination. You’re excited and all but something feels off. The hassles of travel can get in the way of having a good time while on a trip. One or two or three things can go wrong and poof! There goes your trip.

Thankfully, travelers, backpackers, and modern nomads have come up with a lot of hacks that can make traveling a breeze. Here are just some of them.

ONE: Know where you are going

Of course, you know where you’re going! What kind of tip is this? Let me clear this up. Sure you know where you’re headed off to. You also know how long you’ll be there and what activities you’ll be doing but it helps to know more about the locality, the weather, how likely it is to rain, everything.

Okay, it might be just my obsessive-compulsive self talking, but it’s always best to be ready. It might help you pack an extra set of clothes or a comfortable hoodie, just in case.

In this light, I think I should add: Learn simple phrases using the local language but make sure not to butcher the pronunciation.

If you're heading over to Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, a few phrases in Russian can go a long way. Things like thank you or excuse me (izvinitye), as well as hello (salam in the local dialect, privet in Russian), good morning (dobroe utro), good afternoon (dobriy den), and good night (spokoynoy nochi) would go a long way. Drop those in while trying to buy goods or having dinner and watch the faces of the locals light up.

TWO: Book with a reliable travel agency

I can’t emphasize this enough. Sure these days there are a lot of options out there. The internet is full of travel options from accommodations to itineraries. You can also dump all that to the side and go at it alone. There are horror stories though like people’s baggage being lost or bookings not going through even if you arranged for them in advance.

It would be a shame to travel hundreds even thousands of miles just to end up in a cold room with nothing to do cause the itinerary wasn’t taken care of properly.

A good travel agency cannot only provide you with accommodations; they can even make sure you have comfortable lodgings and a fully packed itinerary. They can even help you know more about where you are visiting so you’ll be ready for anything and pack accordingly.

That said, in case you are heading off to Central Asia from anywhere in the world like the Philippines, Japan, Brazil, Mexico or absolutely anywhere else, make sure to book with CentrAsia Tours Travel Agency. They’re experienced with making sure their clients are well taken care of while staying in Central Asia.

THREE: Pack light

So you researched the place you are going to and even asked for the help of your travel agency on what to expect. The next thing you need to make sure of is to pack light.

This is actually something I am guilty of when I was starting out as a traveler. Something you need to know is that I love to read and there have been more than a few times I’ve forgotten to ask myself: Will the trip allow you to read?

From personal experience and second-hand accounts, I’ve learned a lot with taking a hardbound tome only to regret the weight it added to the stuff I had on me. Perhaps it would be best for you to explore the use of ebooks instead?

Some other things to ask yourself: How many outfits do I really need? Do I really need to bring three pairs of shoes on this trip? Would be best to bring just one jacket instead of two?

Do I really want to lug around a huge bag or do I want to enjoy this trip?

FOUR: Be organized.

Where to begin with being organized?

If you did your due diligence in researching this trip, your bag should be packed accordingly; I go with arranging my clothes in the order I’m going to wear them. This way, I don’t have to pull out everything just to get ready in the morning.

If you haven’t already, make sure to get small organizer bags for your luggage. This way you know where exactly your things are in your luggage. Make sure to get one for your gadgets and all the cables as those can be annoying if left just rolling around in your bag.

Make sure to save space by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. I remember the first time I showed this trick to my girlfriend. She was on packing for a trip abroad and let me tell you, she was amazed. It also helps if you fold your undergarments with the clothes you fold.

In line with being organized, print or send yourself a copy of your travel documents. Why wait in line to check-in? There are even apps you can use to make this easier.

Make sure to always have a copy of your reservations. Say for example you get to your destination and you can’t access your email for these details. Where would you be then?

FIVE: Pace yourself

A trip would be wasted if you cram your activities into one day. I assure you that it won’t be a fun experience if you are tired or sleepy half the time you’re there. Like they say, take time to stop and smell the roses.

I know that on a trip you’re working on limited time but it does not mean you can’t make time. Try to rise early to avoid crowds or get in line for attractions first.

Oh and also, and this is always a given but take plenty of photos. Your memory might fade in time and a visual reminder of your experience would be great, right?

SIX: Don’t be a tourist

The way I see it, each place you go to has two faces, the one they show you in the guides and the one you get when you try to experience the culture for yourself. You likely went on this trip to enjoy everything the place has to offer so go and do that. Enjoy the food, speak with or even better, have a drink or share a meal with the locals.

Get to know the stories behind the people and attractions you encounter. I assure you, these are going to make your trip even more worthwhile.

I hope these tips help you especially if you’re headed to Central Asia. This vast subcontinent includes some of the oldest and richest cultures in the world and it is fully displayed in their architecture, attractions, food, and peoples.

Let CentrAsia Tours Travel Agency help you explore the wonders and tastes of Central Asia and the Silk Road.


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